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Meaning From Morning Memories

Every morning before the sun has even had a chance to cheer me on, I stumble into my peaceful little “prayer room” and write in my journal. For over twenty five years one of my strategies for sustaining my sanity has been to express my feelings in a carefully chosen notebook. Over the years, this

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Blessing upon Blessing

I love November. I love being with family- listening to them laugh with each other and catching up. I love that it is the month of the birth of my incredible son. I love watching grandkids running through whoever’s house we are visiting-playing some made-up only-for-cousins game. Of course, I love the turkey, the mashed

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Wondrous Works: From Ninth Grade Dropout to Teacher-Study

Did you ever wonder what would happen if we stopped long enough to ponder the wondrous works of God at least once a day. This simple habit could add such an element of adventure to life. Just taking a moment to look at how nature speaks of God’s glorious work can bring peace and joy.

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